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Census Entry

In the current laboratory environment, pricing and reporting requirements have changed the way labs manage information. Often, these reporting requirements have had a negative effect on laboratory margins. It has also made it difficult for laboratories to manage in-house billing and data entry teams. The result is additional stress and increased staff turnover. The requirement of staff availability 24/7 is a problem. It is a time-consuming job to process requisitions and process the data entry into an LIS system. Previous methods for entering data and placing lab orders are outdated and prone to errors. Many laboratories have downsized in anticipation of regulatory changes and many do not have the adequate personnel to ensure that the census entry process is completed efficiently and accurately.

Census Entry Handling
Census Entry Process

We Offer
Census Entry Handling

We offer comprehensive census entry handling. The laboratory billing cycle begins with lab orders. However, they are much more than a request for services. Lab orders are the core of your operation, and your success depends on how quickly and accurately they are processed. We understand the impact that delays and errors have on your bottom line. We offer Census Entry as a standalone service for our clients. Medcare MSO can handle orders in all formats (manual, email, EMR, etc.) so that you can focus on what matters most—providing exceptional service to laboratory patients. We have an exact workflow for Census entry which starts with order receipt, then a multi-step eligibility verification. Whenever required, we collect missing information and rectify errors by calling phlebotomists or facilities. Once this is accomplished, we proceed with Demographic Entry and Coding Review before entering it into the LIS system.

Our Workflow

Census Entry workflow